Low: $18,000
Average: $40,000
High: $51,000
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Airport Ramp Attendant Lifestyle

Work outdoors right next to the planes; loud noises; shift work

Work Involved

How does your suitcase get from the checkout counter in Vancouver to the baggage claim in Toronto? The answer is a Ramp Attendant.

Airport Ramp Attendants do tasks on the tarmac like moving freight and setting-up the telescopic passenger loading corridor so that when you step off the plane you don?t make a twenty-foot jump to the ground. They help tidy airplanes on stopovers, and get to operate a slew of vehicles that you won?t find anywhere else ? fuel trucks, lavatory trucks, de-icer sprayers and food service trucks. Some pilots start out as Ramp Attendants because it’s a great opportunity to learn the ins and outs of an airplane.

Education & Training

Security clearance plus a valid driver’s licence



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So What’s Next?

With leadership qualities, you could move into a supervisory position within the grounds crew group