Low: $20,000
Average: $55,000
High: $105,000
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Commercial Pilot Lifestyle

Travel, adventure, flexible work schedule

Work Involved

If the first pioneers of air travel could see us now they’d be overwhelmed. Not only do planes come bigger and better than ever, but transporting people and cargo across great distances has never been as important as it is today.

As a Commercial Pilot you are a “manager” of highly sophisticated equipment and performance-based “systems”. Today’s pilots must not only rely on their stick and rudder skills to maneuver an airplane, but must process complex information and be technology experts in their field. Aviation is a business, and like any business it requires good teamwork. As a leader of an aviation management team, you are responsible to make sure goods and people are transported safely and efficiently to their destination.

So what are you waiting for? Grab those aviator sunglasses, put on that Top Gun soundtrack, and go get yer wings!

Education & Training

Commercial pilot’s license, aviation school certification, medical and security clearances, (specialized licenses, training, post-secondary education, and a criminal record check are sometimes required), a passion for flying!


Commercial airlines, air charter operators, flight training centres, cargo carriers, corporate aircraft, military, other industries (forestry, agricultural, medical)

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So What’s Next?

Progression to larger more complex aircraft is usually based on total hours and experience on aircraft types. However, this will soon not be the only measure of a pilot’s competence (see PDF for details).