Low: $60,000
Average: $85,000
High: $100,000
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Marine Safety Inspector Lifestyle

Frequent travel to carry out inspections; outside work

Work Involved

As you watch on TV, millions of gallons of oil spill from an oil tanker, coating the ocean in a black sludge that means death for the surrounding wildlife. A Marine Safety Inspector is on the scene investigating what happened. They?re not only ?Sherlock Holmes? during marine disasters but they make sure that ships in Canada are safe for passengers all.

This master mariner has risen up the ladder of experience to become one of the most knowledgeable persons on the water. Every ship needs inspectors to ensure it is seaworthy and that everything from a hairline crack in the hull to a glitch in a million-dollar navigation system is fixed. With ships under a Marine Safety Inspector?s magnifying glass, we can be sure that they will be floating and not washing up on the shore.

Education & Training

College diploma and a Master mariner or First Class engineer certificate or a college diploma in naval architecture or mechanical engineering plus experience


Transport Canada

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So What’s Next?

You can move into positions such as Regional Superintendent, Regional Director and Regional Manager