Low: $47,000
Average: $63,000
High: $70,000
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Railway Conductor Lifestyle

Trains run 24/7, irregular hours; often sleep away from home

Work Involved

That familiar sound of “All aboard!!!” graces the station in the early morning and the train is ready to leave.

The Conductor is the hub of the operation with orders for everyone who works for her. She works alongside the Locomotive Engineer to get the train rolling. She is super-organized and lives with her radio to stay in touch with Rail Traffic Controllers and other trains. Conductors enjoy the multitude of tasks and they can do it all because they’ve got the experience to back them. They follow-up on any defects like damaged cars and have to be alert for problems in the track up ahead. “All aboard!!!” rings through the air and it’s the voice of someone who’ll get the train where it needs to go.

Education & Training

17 weeks training from BCIT or SAIT


Railways large and small

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So What’s Next?

The next stop is becoming a Locomotive Engineer