Low: $75,000
Average: $100,000
High: $150,000
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Ship’s Captain Lifestyle

Travel the open seas like nobody’s business!

Work Involved

The big daddy of them all! The Skipper, The Captain, The Master Mariner! Yes, as the nautical navigator of the ship YOU are in charge. But don’t think that you’ll walk right into this exciting job. It takes years of training and operating different types of ships to get to this point in your career as an experienced seaman. A Ship’s Captain must be able to operate all kinds of equipment and gauges, determine speeds and positions, read charts and maps, and above all direct and coordinate crew and passengers on board a complex vessel. So if you like being the go-to guy or gal and you like managing people then this job may be for you. And don’t forget that cool-looking hat!

Education & Training

Loads of experience at sea plus training at a marine academy


Shipping lines such as Canada Steamship Lines, ferries, coast guard, cruise ships

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So What’s Next?

Advancement as a senior manager for ports and terminals, or becoming a Harbourmaster or Marine Pilot